George Brett Loves Profanity, Terrible Striped Pants

georgebrettpinetarfreakoutHey, look! Kansas City’s favorite pine tar aficionado and proud defecator George Brett would like to share some thoughts with you! It seems that George — kindly sparing a few minutes from his busy schedule of golf and fashion crimes — has some things to say about local media (and popular) criticism of Royals manager and famously pious man Trey Hillman. He chose KSHB as the source of his peculiar overshare, and the resulting video is pretty priceless.  Since I don’t know how to do fancy tech things like “embed video,” I’ll just let you click on over and watch it.

Done? Crazy, right? But what was the craziest part? Was it George’s unsparing usage of the f-bomb? No, no. It was actually his choice to sport the WORST PANTS IN THE WORLD. What the hell, GB? It looks like you stole the upholstery off my grandmother’s c. 1978 sofa and sewed your own pantaloons. You look like you should be swinging into the 19th hole on a chandelier. I’d be surprised if those pants didn’t come with their own cutlass and cask o’ rum. Let’s retire them with the Black Pearl and not conduct interviews in them.

Not surprisingly, this story was picked up by the major national sports blogs. Way to do KC proud, George.


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One response to “George Brett Loves Profanity, Terrible Striped Pants

  1. George Brett, is one of my Hero-s (now), maybe before. But this clip seals it. I don’t follow KC, I’m a Delaware Phillies fan. But that can be said about any sport reporter, in any hometown when the team’s, not playing up to previous standards. We have that around here, at least once a season being between Philadelphia, Balt. + Wash. It’s good to see
    A guy stick up for his old team! The team he played his whole HOF career with. Hey George give ’em a F#%@* from me!!!

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