Sad, Drunk Royals Fans Raise Bar For Game Behavior and Solid Parenting

nolanryandestroyingrobinventuraEver wonder why Royals attendance is so lackluster? Oh, sure, there’s that whole “mediocre team” thing — but what really tends to keep people away is the intoxication and boorish behavior. Of course, what’s really a shame is when that behavior strays into the children’s playground area (!). Now, stay with us here, because the ace Star reporters evidently failed the “avoiding the Abbott and Costello style of narration” course in J-School.

According to police, the fracas began when Mela’s wife was trying to take a photograph of her child. Brooks walked in front of the camera, causing Mela’s wife to utter an expletive.

What happened next is in dispute. Mela’s wife said Brooks and several men began assaulting her and her husband.

Brooks told police Mela’s wife called one of her relatives a racial slur and that Mela spit in her face, which prompted the fight. Brooks reportedly said Mela’s wife fell to the ground and she started kicking her.

An independent witness told police she saw Mela and Brooks arguing and then three men started attacking Mela, knocking him to the ground. She said Mela stood up and spit in Brooks’ face, prompting the men to again punch him and stomp on his head.

Classy, right? It’s nice enough when some lout spills a beer on your foot. But brawling in the playground area? Have you no shame, Mr. Mela? Or… is it Miss Brooks who’s to blame? Ah, who can tell? All I know is that I can’t wait to get back to The K.


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