Crazy Criminal Complains About Being Treated Like Crazy Criminal

You know, people who kill doctors make it pretty hard to generate any sympathy for them, what with the whole “murder” thing and all. But what makes these clowns even less sympathetic is when they complain — from prison — about being treated like a criminal. Such is the case with our most recent deranged gent, Scott Roeder, who said in a three-minute “interview” that he’s not being treated with the holy reverence that the faith-based righteous deserve. Oh, but don’t ask him about the very reason he’s in prison:

The man charged in the slaying of abortion provider George Tiller says he’s “being treated as a criminal” even though he hasn’t been convicted of anything… When asked to discuss the Tiller shooting, Roeder, 51, of Kansas City, Mo., refused to comment, saying he would talk about that later.

Um. First, I’m a little taken aback that a man charged with murder would deign to complain about the treatment in prison. Second… seriously? Dude, you’re in jail. The cultural cachet of prisons should leave no American surprised at the conditions upon entrance. Here’s the best part, though:

Roeder said he is concerned about the media attention that his family, particularly his elderly mother, has been getting.

“I appreciate your prayers,” he said.

Whoa, check out Mr. Concerned For Human Welfare! Such an attitude would’ve been nice before, say, you chose to shoot someone in a church.

But he appreciates your prayers. And we can’t wait for the next installment of the micro-interview format.


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