OP Criminal Uses Heist To Earn Cash, Make Love Connection

romanticskunkmakeshismoveAw… how sweet is this? Let it never be said that criminals on the Kansas side of the metro area are lacking in manners. Witness the case of the robber who knocked over Las Comadres, a Mexican grocery store in the Park of Overland. Seems the mountebank just wasn’t satisfied with making off with cash; He also wanted to — wait for it! — make out with the clerk! Ha, criminals.

“She was alone stocking shelves when the man walked in, put a knife to her throat and took her over to the cash register,” said Overland Park police Officer Jim Weaver.The man, described as a 25-year-old who spoke Spanish, kissed the clerk near her lips before running from the store.

Bold move, sir! Normal guys only have the guts to try something like that after eleven cans of Old Style. This roustabout found the ability to pull off some impressive multitasking. If he had somehow surreptitiously lifted her car keys whilst making his move… well, then he would’ve pulled off the Crime of Passion Trifecta.


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