Phill Kline: ‘Tiller Is Dead. SEND MONEY.’

phillklinesexymustacheFormer Kansas AG and current law “professor” Phillllll Kline is not one to let a crisis pass by. Nay, he shall seize upon the chance offered by a controversy like so many biblical lions! And he certainly wasn’t about to squander the chance offered by the recent killing of his Lex Luthor, George Tiller: Phill recently mailed a great many fundraising letters asking people to help him pay off his legal debt incurred in battles against Tiller, among other foes. Oh, how lovely.

In the letter, Kline, a long-standing abortion opponent, said he is seeking donations to offset $200,000 of attorneys’ fees “billed to me personally” that stemmed from a December 2007 trial ordered by the Kansas Supreme Court. “I have acted in faith consistent with my duty and oath of office,” wrote Kline, now a visiting professor at Liberty University in Virginia. “When you think about it, the battle is understandable. They must silence the truth by silencing the messenger; and to date, I am the only one who has been willing to speak the truth.”

The letter cites Kline’s long-running legal battles against Tiller and Planned Parenthood.

Nice. Now, officially, the Kline camp sequestered on Mount Holierthanthou says the timing of the letter was “unfortunate,” and we should note that there’s a hastily written note of condolence on Phill’s official site.  But we should also note that directly below that note is a request for donations. If you find Phill’s actions hilariously off-putting, just write to him and let him know.


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