DJ Jazzy Jeff: ‘Cordish Just Don’t Understand’

djjazzyjeffinbizarreclothingSo the city is all atwitter over the bizarre events occurring at the Power & Light District this past weekend, where seminal (maybe?) 90s hip-hop “star” DJ Jazzy Jeff was apparently booted off stage by the Cordishstapo, those enforcers of questionably motivated dress codes. Mr. Jazzy’s crime? Not wearing an Affliction t-shirt. Ah, we kid. His actual violation was… well, it’s a little bit of a mystery.

The president of the Power & Light District, Jon Stephens, said his staff just wanted DJ Jazzy Jeff’s production crew to turn down music that was too loud for the sound system. But DJ Jazzy Jeff, one of the nation’s premier hip-hop performers, said the Power & Light District staff stopped his show at the Kansas City Live pavilion shortly after it began Saturday night because of the style of hip-hop he was playing.

Hmm. If they really just wanted him to turn it down, isn’t that a problem that’s relatively easily solved? It would probably go something like this:
“Hey, Jeff, can you turn it down?”
“What?!? You’re kicking me off?”
“No, just turn it down.”
“Oh, that’s cool.”

Instead, we’re left with yet another race-based pseudo-controversy, since the little brouhaha occurred at the site already famous for maintaining a dress code designed to keep out black people thuggish rapscallions. How will one of hip-hop’s least influential titans express his outrage? Sigh. Via Twitter, of course, where he’ll wax prolific about the matter. Censoring courtesy of the Star:

“How did they kick me off stage in Kansas City for playin’ hip hop,” stated a posting on DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Twitter page. “I’m a 25-year legend … this is some (expletive).” The message continued: “I mean, I was playin’ (expletive) like “Just a Friend” … it’s a Heineken commercial for god’s sake … 3,000 people were rockin … KC Live sucks … they said they wanted Top 40 … look at the Top 40 list.”

Strong words, DJ3. Strong words. Oh, but don’t worry: token hip-hop expert and Star “reporter” Jenee Osterheldt is all over this one. Never far from a racial controversy, that one.

And hey, who couldn’t side with Jeffrey on this story? Just look at that shirt! It screams gravitas!


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One response to “DJ Jazzy Jeff: ‘Cordish Just Don’t Understand’

  1. Dino

    This is what Cordish gets for not going with their original band choice, “Zack Attack.”

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