Funkhouser Dominating Facebook Theater Of Citywide Recall War

sarumanSo the attempted recall of Mayor Mark Funkhouser, whose devotion to all-star volunteer Gloria Squitiro first got him into this mess, is not going so well. Signatures are being challenged (if we are to believe Micheal [sic] Mahoney’s usual ace reporting), and it looks like the Funk will live to see another day. What has gone unreported, however, is how handily Funkhouser is winning the vital Facebook front in this battle. Just check it out for yourself.

Supporters of Mark Funkhouser: 100 members and counting (including the mayor himself, somewhat sadly).

Impeach Mark Funkhouser: 1 member and counting. Aw, how cute.

I suggest you also take the time to consult the varous pieces of pro/anti evidence offered by these respective groups. Here’s just a sample of the supporters’ text:

A lot of the negative press has actually been generated and directed at him by local media as well as national news outlets eager to push a “scandal” where there is none. Once they risked a backlash from subscribers, even the Kansas City Star withdrew their original support for him. It’s all culminated in yet another failed recall drive to try to remove Kansas City’s legally-elected mayor from office.

Etc. in this regard.

Now here’s the entire text of the opposition group:

Impeach this retard as Mayor!

Well then. Not much to argue with there, eh?

Now, to be fair, there is another group — “Petition for Recall of Mark Funkhouser” — that has 133 members, but it lacks the laconic text of the site listed supra.

Of course, if we were to rank these groups based on Craziness Of Group Creator’s Photo, I think the supporter group led by Evan Parris would win. Here is the man in question’s profile picture:


Oh. Oh, my. Suddenly I want to join the opponents’ group.


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