Local Job Fair Offers Everything But Jobs

peopleliningupindepressionerabreadlinePity the unemployed former felon. Is there no one willing to help him? Come on, he’s paid his debt to society. Now society owes him a second chance, right? Right. That’s why Kansas City has “Aim4Peace,” the frustratingly alphanumerically named city organization dedicated to helping these once-wayward souls rejoin society. And get jobs at expansive job fairs, where companies will show up and meet these gentlemen! Hey, this plan can’t miss. Oh, wait.

Hopes were high at the job fair, but turnout among employers was low. Companies like Sheraton Hotels said they would send representatives but didn’t show up. The group Aim4Peace organized the event. Its leader said the less than half of the ten companies that committed to the fair came. Tracie McClendon-Cole said more than 200 employers were contacted.

Oh, dear. This isn’t going to help these reformed guys become contributing members of society. Thanks for nothing, “companies like Sheraton Hotels.” Bums.


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