TBC’s ‘Best KC Name’ Contest: Dick Champion

So we’re starting a fun little activity today: tracking down the most outstanding name in the Kansas City metro area. This will obviously provide local blog readers with the news they need to be informed citizens, and maybe it’ll make a couple of you laugh. The first entry in the contest? Why, it’s Dick Champion.

Who is Dick Champion, you ask? Well, as if we needed to tell you, he’s the Water Pollution Control Director for the City of Independence. In this capacity, he does all kinds of important things. Stuff like… controlling water pollution, I guess. I don’t know. Read the press release yourself and find out. I can tell you, though, that he was recently elected president of something called the “National Association of Clean Water Agencies,” whose conferences are, I imagine, just outright ragers.

Have other name ideas? Email ’em in, people.


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