Brown & Crouppen: Good With The Barrister-ing, Not So Good With The Television-ing

So local (sort of) law firm Brown & Crouppen seems to be everywhere. True, it was founded as a firm in that city on the other side of the state, but it’s ubiquitous in KC. Phone books. Billboards. And — thankfully — television commercials. I spied this one during an airing of an insipid reality show educational program, and was pleased to see it was on the Tube of You.

Man. What’s not to love about this? The cartoonish pacing? The assertion that “these are not actors” while DRAMATIZATION stands emblazoned in the corner? The weird choice to imply professionalism by seeing them silence their phones? Saying the witnesses are “lookin’ good and rarin’ to go,” as if they’re prizefighters or racehorses? Seeing these attorneys burst through a door into a heavenly light?

It’s all fantastic. Keep up the good work, B&C.


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