‘Thankyou Mark Robertson Independence’: Star‘s Most Prolific Commenter Sets Bar For KC’s Right-Wing Idiocy

crazycrazycrazyjohnbirchsocietybrainwashmaterialcoverThe Star‘s Unfettered Letters blog is a great way to gauge the prevailing mood of the city. Or it would be, anyway, if it was populated by anyone other than crazy wingnuts (on both sides) sitting at home convinced that the world needs their opinion on every issue that comes down the tracks. (Geez, couldn’t they just start a largely unfunny blog instead?) But as far as UL’s commentariat is concerned, there is one man who goes above and beyond any expectations you might have. He is there, day in and day out, defending the noble ideals of the Bush administration and excoriating those pseudosocialfascmarxists who currently occupy the White House. And he always takes care to leave his little calling card:
Thankyou (sic)
Mark Robertson

Excellent. Let’s learn more about this gentleman, shall we?

Mark’s TypePad account indicates that he’s quite a commenter on UL: 6 comments just today, and it’s only noon. Some of the highlights from his protean commenting career:

That’s right, Missourians don’t pay federal taxes, I almost forgot. The same old tired ploy from the statists, if we don’t support all of the confiscation of money from some citizens to give to other citizens, how can we call ourselves Christian?…

The free market profit motive is what would most benefit health care as well. Have you not noticed that everywhere socialized health care is tried, it has been and is a catastrophe…

The amazing fact that only 57% of Notre Dame students supported Obama is actually a promising sign, considering the near anti-Catholic atmosphere at that place (Ed. note: huh?), and the fact that many college students are brainwashed by leftist professors, even at ND…

Thank God the great statesman, Vice President Dick Cheney, is speaking out against the disaster that is the Obama Adm… (Ed. note: Obama’s an admiral?)

I have said it before and I will say it again, Trey Hillman is a very good manager, with the makings of a great manager…

The government needs to stop interfering with the market.(fat chance) Price controls are always disastrous, just ask Richard Nixon…

a woman’s reproductive freedom is used before there is a chance to kill a child in the womb. So if people at the time of Jesse James called him a bank robber, were they responsible for his murder in St. Joseph? (Ed. note: Um… what?)

President Bush is likely one of the top 5 foreign policy Presidents in U.S. history. Generations around the world will be grateful for his preemptive leadership in the war on terror…

I always have a dictionary close to me when I write these letters and still mispell, I mean misspell words. The media seems congenitally biased for the liberal candidates and officeholders. I definitely had to look that word up.

And of course, at the end of every comment, the glue that holds these carefully reasoned arguments together:

Thankyou. Mark Robertson Independence

There you go, would-be Star commenters. Now you see what a real man can do. Thankyou Mark Robertson Independence has set a standard to which you should aspire. We wish you the best of luck.


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