JoCo Library Forced To Trick Suburbanites Into Reading

jocolibraryadvertisingontrucksSigh. Depressing news emanates from the den of the Johnson County Public Library overlords today. In an effort to combat the worrisome trend of JoCo residents not doing anything worthwhile with their minds — those in the south are waiting for the Rapture, while those in the north are waiting for a J.Crew to open at Town Center — the library has decided it must resort to clever advertising techniques to convince people to read. See, because if you think a book is a fun commodity then you’re more likely to read it! Who’s laughing now, Allan Bloom?

According to County Librarian Donna Lauffer, the vehicle campaign should generate interest. “On first seeing the trucks, people may think oh, what a clever name for a business,” she says. “Then catching the tag line ‘Available at Johnson County Library’ will definitely get them thinking more about the message and what the library has to offer.”

Great. So now we have to sell the idea of books as some kind of consumer good, then resort to pseudo-clever advertising to draw kids away from Call of Duty for just a few minutes? Yes, this really boosts our confidence in the growing intellect of Johnson County.


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