Shawnee Police Grappling With Crime/Raymond Chandler Mystery

confusedcartoonguyWhat the hell’s going on in Shawnee? That most placid of Johnson County suburbs (whose annual festival of city pride recently featured Night Ranger [!]) is the scene of a pretty bizarre crime story, one which seems inspired by a Trollope story or something. To wit:

It started when a Shawnee woman told police that she came home to find an armed man in her house who marched her around, told her he was in charge and left.

Then a traveling magazine salesman went to Overland Park police and told them that that woman’s drunken husband forced him to perform oral sex.

The salesman said the husband had invited him in, pulled a gun, demanded sex and passed out during the act, police said. The salesman then picked up the gun and about that time the wife got home, he told them.

Whoa! Robbery? Check. Sexual assault? Check. The requisite character of “traveling salesman”? Check. Cartoonish lying from all parties? Check. The police certainly have their hands full with this one. But don’t worry: the crack squad of Shawnee Police are on the edge of cracking the case, and have the loquacious description to match.

“It’s kind of interesting,” said Capt. Bill Hisle, “but it’s kind of messed up.”



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