Best Way To Be Fired From Worlds Of Fun: Start Fight At Worlds Of Fun

thecrimecommittinggreenfamilySure, it’s a competitive job market — so people are lucky to keep what they can hold down, right? Even if that means spending the summer at the Adventureland-esque Worlds of Fun, I suppose. WoF workers are several castes above the carnies who saturate America’s state fairs all summer before fading back into the ether of their Harley- and SoCo-infused world, but apparently they’re still not quite at the top of the intellectual heap. Witness the case of the Green family, three of whose members work at the park in question. They recently dropped by the park as visitors — an odd choice, I think; don’t you spend enough time there on the clock? — and got into a bit of a brouhaha.

Green said the problem started with a cell phone. His daughter said she and a friend found it, and when she was approached by the owner, she handed it back. Worlds of Fun security said the phone was stolen.

Green said that when he refused to let his 14-year-old daughter be taken away for questioning without him, the two were Maced and thing went downhill in a hurry.

Paterfamilias apparently came to blows with park security (his coworkers, no less), and has now been summarily terminated and banned from the park (!), along with the rest of the Green WoFers.

The lesson, as always, is that no good can come from a trip to Worlds of Fun. Theme parks are like soup in a bread bowl and destination weddings: better in theory.

But hey, at least they dressed up for the interview. The Tracy McGrady jersey was a wise choice, sir.


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