Ptacek Claims Victory, DC Clout In Dastardly Icthy-Fraud Case

jawsguycertainlyproudofhiscatch… and the other shoe has dropped. You may recall that back on May 20 we told you about Russ Ptacek — the dashing, non-blinking, over-emoting Javert over at channel 41 — and his quest to expose those chefs who would dare substitute other fish for grouper. Ptacek would not stand for such culinary aggression, and brought us a snoozefest hard-hitting investigative piece. But did you think that was the end of it? Ha, no. Turns out Ptacek’s report has single-handedly changed the course of federal legislation! Well, sort of. Here’s the key part of the story:

A key member of a U.S. Senate panel is drafting legislation to plug a hole in government oversight that allows seafood merchants to routinely rip off customers by substituting cheap fish for more expensive fillets.

First, let us say that we’re glad Congress has moved on from, you know, solving the budget crisis, and is now tackling bigger issues. Second, here’s Ptacek’s sly little edit to the story that somehow earns him “contributor” status in the byline:

The effort by Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) to reel in such fish fraud comes after an NBC Action News Investigation DNA test that identified 17 out 0f 20 tested Kansas City restaurants substituting fish.

Wow! Nice work, Nancy Drew! And may we say, what a coy little attempt at a pseudo-syllogism. But isn’t it just a bit of a stretch to think that this small potatoes investigation was the impetus for action by a “key member of a U.S. Senate panel” (not the highest praise, after all), or that Ptacek, with his bizarre confrontations with area chefs, is playing the role of a local John C. Calhoun?

Either way: congrats, Russ. The nation would indeed be adrift without you.



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2 responses to “Ptacek Claims Victory, DC Clout In Dastardly Icthy-Fraud Case

  1. I think if you take a look around at other NBC affiliates, you’ll find that our NBC KC crew and Ptacek “borrowed” (or “stole”) this story from others. These affiliates did it long before he did. This is not an “original” piece of reporting, at least the genesis of the idea is not.

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