Raymore E-Salesman Would Like To Stress That This Rug Is NOT Real

3nd3k03l0ZZZZZZZZZ96fb558893b5dd212eeLooking for something to class up your humdrum living room? Look no further than this priceless offering on Craigslist. I mean, what projects gravitas more than a ridiculously cartoonish tiger rug? But wait! Don’t be confused: the seller of this item has to make sure you know this is not the genuine article:

This is a large FAKE plush tiger rug. Its a good size, maybe 3 by 4 feet. Machine Washable.

Ah, okay. It’s FAKE. Hey, and machine washable! And just five dollars?!? Jump on it, people — provided you’re okay with that face haunting your dreams for the rest of time.


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