Star Allows Gladiatorial Selection To Determine Fate Of Paper’s Only Remaining Happy Section

terriblyvexedemperorgivingthethumbsdownPity the Star‘s comic strip overlords. They are charged with making the difficult survival decisions of comics which are, in their words, “no longer authored by their creators or are revisiting old story lines, are similar to others on The Star’s comic pages, or that we think are tired.” Well! Someone is being awfully choosy in how they get their laughs. Sorry if we can’t all be masters of ironic, hip comedy. In any event, the high priests of Mount Comiclympus couldn’t bring themselves to lower the ax — so they passed the buck to their readers.

You can currently vote on which persecuted comics will head on down that dusty trail of newsprint. Among the options? The seminal Beetle Bailey and The Wizard of Id, the inimitable Shoe and B.C., the often emotional For Better or For Worse, and, um, Mark Trail.

So which will it be? Who shall die, so that others might live? You can vote here.  Choose… wisely.


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