Lee’s Summit Serfs Remodel Losingsportsteams Complex

sadsadmedievalserfdiggingHow do you like the remodeled Kauffman Stadium? Nice, eh? Well, how will you like it once you discover it was built upon the backs of peon day laborers making half the legally required wage? Sad but true, it would seem. Jackson County prosecutors today accused “Rycoblake” — which, with a name like that, was likely incorporated in a Philip K. Dick novel — of paying three workers well under the required wage of $22.45 to help complete the stadium renovations. The culprit? Gerald L. Chevalier, who appears to be as much of a rogue as his erstwhile cousin Maurice.

The company’s certified payroll erroneously showed the men were paid $20.65, according to court records.The pay discrepancies violated the state’s prevailing wage law in three ways, according to court records. The company and Chevalier allegedly failed to pay the proper regular wage, failed to pay the proper overtime wage and misclassified the workers as laborers to be able to pay lower wages than what would be owed to them as sheet metal workers.

Cooking the books? Reclassifying their job titles? You scalawags! What’s next, slush funds? The mountebank Chevalier faces quite a bit o’ jail time and fines if found guilty on all 16 counts. How sad it is that we must watch the Royals lose game after game in a sprawling testament to the sweat of vassals and the feudal lords who imprison them.



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2 responses to “Lee’s Summit Serfs Remodel Losingsportsteams Complex

  1. Rycoblake sounds like an emotional vampire-type place to work for…

    Still, what the news didn’t report is the workers in question were also kitchen men in a couple of the unlicensed taquerias out in Ensenada Pequeño…er, I mean Belton, so they weren’t really suffering any monetary hardship, right?

    Perhaps if Rycoblake could sponsor a free taco night – should the Royals actually win a game – at the peons…er, laborers taquerias, that would make up for it, huh?

    Jes’ saying’…

  2. Ryan

    Free taco night can assuage any lackluster sports performance, as far as I’m concerned.

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