Sprint’s Cinematic Simian Irks Moviegoing Primate Devotees; Perturbed PETA Switches to Verizon Family Plan

MonkeyOnPhoneOh, Sprint… making friends everywhere you go.

Looks like a company ad that was created for movie theaters is none too popular with the animal rights crowd. The video is a pre-show reminder to audiences that they should silence their phones while enjoying the movie — sort of a moot point, as Sprint’s coverage can barely penetrate the buffalo-skin walls of a wigwam. Don’t ask how we know this.

(As an aside, running ads in theatres is a trend we continue to lament — commerical advertising is often dreadful enough without being 22 feet tall and blared in THX. We weep for the state of popular taste when we see faux-patriotic Army recruitment ads starring Kid Rock, and our faith in humanity takes another uppercut when we see people guffawing at E-Trade’s frightfully unfunny “talking baby” spot. We won’t even link to said ad, as it is an affront to humor and advertising. Awful writ large does not make for improvement, we assure you. )

Sprint’s online PR presence had this to say about why they’re getting out of the monkey business (sorry, we had to say it at some point):

As of July 3rd, an ad that appears in movie theatres and features a chimpanzee, will no longer be shown. Sprint will not feature great apes in future ads.

Admittedly, when we saw the title, “Sprint Statement on the Use of Great Apes in Advertising,”  we were expecting some sort of lofty treatise on the Ape as sales tool in popular culture. We should have known better.

So here’s the cinematic snippet in question. We still say it’s an improvement over the TV spots featuring company CEOvercoated man Dan Hesse traversing various graywashed locales.


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One response to “Sprint’s Cinematic Simian Irks Moviegoing Primate Devotees; Perturbed PETA Switches to Verizon Family Plan

  1. Ryan

    True, the Kid Rock ad is awful. But the 3 Doors Down ad is ROCKIN’! Am I right?!?

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