Kansas City makes the ‘Most Dangerous Neighborhoods’ list. Twice.

mcgruffTwo of Kansas City’s ‘hoods have been bestowed the honor of “most dangerous neighborhood in the nation.”

Bales Avenue at 30th Street and Forest Avenue at 41st Street appear as numbers six and eight, respectively, on a list of the top 25 most dangerous U.S. neighborhoods, released recently by the FBI.

Rankings were compiled based on three years of data collected from reported cases of murder, non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, armed robbery and aggravated assault. Date rape, domestic assault, child abuse and petty theft were excluded from the results. We will assume exploding Methamphetamine labs do not count as “dangerous” in this context.

But not to worry: it’s still safe to walk around Kansas City in large groups, before the sun goes down while accompanied by a pack of rabid dogs. Plus, another Midwestern city—Chicago—steals KC’s thunder (yet again) with a whopping four neighborhoods listed.


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