Hendricks Places In Comedy Awards; Star Celebrates With 62 Kind Words

silvertwohandledtrophyNewspaper award ceremonies must be increasingly melancholy affairs these days, what with the whole “death of the industry” thing. But a pervasive malaise didn’t stop the National Society of Newspaper Columnists — which surely must be the most jaded, be-bearded bunch this side of a D&D fan club — from honoring the nation’s funniest columnists (among others) at its convention. The winner? Some lady from the Left Coast (an LC alt-weekly, no less). But running a strong second? Why, it’s local muckraker and aw-shucks Star columnist Mike Hendricks! Nice work for the man known best for his “who, me?” smile in your local paper of record. And how does that paper greet this news — with a large spread and a word of congrats from Herr Zieman, perhaps? Or with, um, a two-paragraph write-up?

Kansas City Star columnist Mike Hendricks was honored Saturday night by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists at an awards presentation in Ventura, Calif.

Hendricks won second prize in the humor category for large newspapers. Finishing first was Katy St. Clair of the San Francisco Weekly. Hendricks, who joined The Star as a reporter in 1985, has been a columnist since 1997.

Yeah, that’s… it. A 25-year veteran of La Estrella merits a measly 62 words? Oh, I suppose if he had finished first like Bay Area wordstress Katy St. Clair, he would’ve gotten 75. But second place? Barely a blip on the radar, it seems.



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3 responses to “Hendricks Places In Comedy Awards; Star Celebrates With 62 Kind Words

  1. Well the KC Star is only a pale pale shadow of what was once a decent paper with serious investigative reporting from time to time. Now it’s just mush. Yes, Hendericks deserved much much better. How do you think HE felt????

  2. gd

    Saw this same complaint on another blog. Do some critical thinking and less herd following, would you? If the Star had run some splashy announcement, you’d be on them for going overboard. Hendricks deserves to be made fun of, but when it’s as weak as this the legit complaints are cheapened.

  3. Ryan

    Critical thinking? We are but simple joke-makers, sir.

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