435 South Still Poisoning Local Minds With Unreadable Prose, Mephistophelian Commercial Focus

ridiculouslylargemovielogoofdwpBack in our State of the Line days, yours truly turned a mocking critical eye to 435 South, the execrably bad lifestyle magazine of Leawood and the tonier portions of Overland Park. (Olathe’s on its own, I guess.) That, however, was in February; surely that journalistic abomination would have slipped the surly bonds of print and faded into the ether of magazines past by now, right? Ha, no. It’s still around, and its web site is a gloriously hedonistic snapshot of what life is (apparently) like in that particular corner of Johnson County. Today we take a look at a very special message from publisher Kathy Boos. She’d like to recommend a summer activity to you: it’s called a “baseball game,” and it’s some newfangled sport brought to town by that debonair rogue Abner Doubleday.

Ms. Boos kicks it off with a tantalizing tease in which we wonder just who her game-mate is:

I don’t know if it was the company of my handsome companion or the phenomenal weather, but my recent visit to Kauffman Stadium to watch the Royals take on the Baltimore Orioles was more fun than expected.

Interesting. So now we know that Ms. Boos is not one to tangle with the blue-collar rabble who compose the usual Royals crowd. She had fun, even! What more can we learn?

In my opinion the stadium renovations put Kauffman up to par with Wrigley Field and Camden Yards.

Hmm. I’ll go ahead and assume she means on par — and may I point out that she’s proud the Royals’ home is on the same level as a stadium that opened in 1913?

On that Saturday night the stadium was near capacity— something I hadn’t seen in awhile but something not-uncommon (sic) for this season. The new outfield plaza was inviting so we wandered our way (sic) to the new sports bar Rivals and listened to part of a live broadcast interview from the FOX studio located inside. The packed crowd sang and clapped along with loud music, which ranged from contemporary rock to old-school jams to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

I just love the wide-eyed tone that pervades this little essay-jaunt. Whoa, they have bars here?!? And, and… they sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”? How delightfully kitschy! These eastern suburb-dwellers are so quaint and interesting.

Even though the Royals ended up losing to the Orioles, 2-3, we stayed the entire nine innings and were not at all disappointed. We stayed not only because of the close game but because of the entertainment experience of it all.

“2-3”? What is this, cricket? This may be your first experience with the thing called “baseball,” Ms. Boos, but here in America we tend to list the higher score first; that, or we list the home team second. Either way: 3-2.

But I admit that’s merely a quibble. We are all mostly just proud of you for deigning to take a break from the sales at Town Center to dabble in a bit of good ol’ Americana. Up next? The 435 South crew checks out this “downtown redevelopment entertainment district” the staff at 24 Hour Fitness seems to always be talking about.


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