What Can Raytown Car Dealerships Do To Put You In This Desk Chair Today?

animatedcaricatureofusedcarsalesmanSay, are you looking for a car with substandard repair records and low resale value? Allow us to introduce you to the Chrysler brand, whose worth these days is barely above Zimbabwean currency levels. What this means, though, is that you can get a sweet deal on a car from the be-bankrupted company — provided you look somewhere besides Raytown Dodge and Crawford Jeep, two dealers in the eastern suburbs who did not survive the Chapter 11-ing of the once-proud American brand. So what can these places offer you? How about a tasty desktop computer?

Everything had to go at two Chrysler dealerships in Raytown — including the computers, the desks and 100 jobs.

The only thing you couldn’t buy at auction on Tuesday was a car.

Items that dealership owners paid hundreds of dollars for sold for pocket change at the Raytown Dodge and Crawford Jeep dealerships.

Yikes. Sob story. If this isn’t a cruelly accurate snapshot of the American manufacturing landscape, we don’t know what is. You see what happens, Detroit? You see what happens when you spend 30 years making inferior products? You’re left with heartbreaking, lifestyle-wrecking auctions of the sad detritus of your brand.


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