Cocksure Young Lads Audition For Musical Based On Most Overrated Movie Of All Time

screenshotfromhorriblehorriblehorriblemovieSometime later this year, a musical based on A Christmas Story will appear in our hallowed city. Now, when you mention this movie to most Americans, you receive some kind of nostalgic sigh based on idealized memories of youth. But have you ever watched this film? It’s jaw-droppingly terrible — and a musical based upon it is an idea we can safely describe as “less than stellar.” But either way, young boys of all Kansas City stripes are turning out for a chance to land a role in the show. And what’s their uniting trait? Modesty.

One boy, Christian Gamble, 12, worked the room when he arrived, shaking hands and introducing himself to the piano accompanist. “I’m ready,” he said just before launching into his audition. “Of course I’m ready, I’m always ready.”…

Their songs varied from “Jingle Bells” to more sophisticated show tunes such as “Who Will Buy?” from “Oliver.”

When Hatley, trying to push a good performance to the next level, asked one boy if he’d like to sing his song again, the teen-ager replied, “No, I’m good.”

Hatley laughed and mumbled to a visitor, “I’ve never had that happen before.”…

Christian Gamble, who has played Tiny Tim in the Rep’s “A Christmas Carol,” called the audition “amazing.”

“I think,” he said, “I did pretty well.”

Well then. No potential self-esteem problems are showing themselves in these young gents, at least. Here’s hoping someone triple dog dares them to steer clear of anything associated with this cinematic abomination.



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2 responses to “Cocksure Young Lads Audition For Musical Based On Most Overrated Movie Of All Time

  1. Dino

    You can burn as many U.S. flags as you want, but I’ll be goddamned if I let you talk shit about “A Christmas Story.” Why do you hate America so?

    (Actually, I’m a bit skeptical “ACS” will translate well on stage, but I do give KC Rep’s artistic director Eric Rosen props for daring to shake things up and do something other than the gazillionth production of “A Christmas Carol.”)

  2. Ryan

    You leave Dickens alone, heathen!

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