Local Police Vow To Enforce Unenforceable Law

goodoldguttenberginpoliceacademyHey, it’s almost America’s birthday! Yay Toby Keith, boo socialism, etc. Many Kansas City area residents will be celebrating the throwing off of tyrannical bondage by discharging a few pieces of China’s greatest export.  But be warned, would-be dynamiters: many local ‘burbs are swearing that they shall not tolerate your illegal explosives.

Police departments are promising a crackdown this year, KMBC’s Peggy Breit reported.

“Absolutely no fireworks — no possessing fireworks, no discharging fireworks,” Gardner Public Safety Officer Ilena Spalding said.

No possession? Well, it is nine-tenths of the law. But honestly: aren’t the prospects for enforcement of fireworks bans about as rosy as those for the war on drugs? The metro area is huge, and the police will probably have their hands full with those pesky kids and their boozin’. Since you’re all going to violate this law anyway, we will merely say: be safe out there.


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One response to “Local Police Vow To Enforce Unenforceable Law

  1. mashamashamasha

    Man, the police really have to stop alienating themselves from the people! I bet there are more dangerous crimes going on other then FIREWORKS.


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