Crack KSHB Reporters Expose Rampant, Devilish Shoe Menace Sweeping KC Area

womenterrifiedbykcshoemenaceJust leave it to KSHB. Mere weeks after calming area minds with their exposure of fake fish service (gasp!), those ace gumshoes are back with another story sure to make you rest a little easier at night. There is a scourge quietly creeping around Kansas City. Perhaps you’ve seen it on the feet of suburban fathers, making one last-ditch effort to seem hip. Perhaps you’ve seen it on the feet of seemingly every child at your neighborhood pool. Perhaps you even possess this scourge yourself, and are somehow convinced that their defiant un-coolness makes them cool. The scourge in question? Crocs! No, not the last holdover from the Cretaceous — the shoe that you can’t avoid. Their latest offense, beyond sartorial disaster? It seems the shoes are now responsible for — wait, what?

Max was not wearing the Crocs brand shoe; he was wearing imitation Crocs purchased at a discount shoe store. But the knock-off brand was a soft-sided, rubber shoe that looked and felt just like the famous Crocs shoes.

Real or fake, the escalator doesn’t care.

The toe-area of Max’s soft-sided, rubber shoe was chewed-up by the escalator.

Lucie remembers that Max’s left shoe started sticking on the left side of the escalator as they rode it down. Max’s shoe was being pulled down into the side panel of the escalator as it continued descending.

If Max’s mom had not reacted quickly, Max’s foot would have also been pulled into the escalator’s wall.

Max is lucky he only had a minor cut on the inside of his left foot.

A minor cut? And the kid wasn’t even wearing real Crocs? Um… anyone else get the feeling KSHB was kind of hurting for investigation topics? And that the production staff mostly wanted to make some Mallrats jokes?


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