Recession Serves As Catalyst For KC’s Most Violent Small Business

brokenporcelainsaucerandcupFeeling frustrated by the economy and needing to relax? Let us guess: meditation’s just not doing it for you. No, it’s a stronger brand of therapeutic medicine you seek. Something that allows you to vent all your pent-up rage with bailouts and grandstanding politicians and the flurry of acronyms parading down Wall Street. Well, look no further than Lee’s Summit, where local recession victim Paul Brown has started a very terrifying business indeed.

At Smash-N-Shatter in downtown Lee’s Summit, customers can buy dishware, and then break it to relieve frustration. You can also hit a baseball bat against a wall in the smash room. Owner Paul Brown said the idea came to him after he angrily smashed a glass when he was laid off from work.

“I was the highest paid in my office. They announced cuts, and I was first,” Brown told KMBC’s Donna Pitman.

Brown said people come to his shop to take out their anger. He said, “It’s cheaper than therapy.”

“I like throwing the plates the best — gets out a lot of aggression — hearing the glass break. I’ve always wanted to throw a plate,” customer Rian Freidhof said.

Oh, how… interesting. Whatever happened to deep breathing and calming thoughts? Or maybe a stiff drink? Now we have to drive to the suburbs to turn fine china into dust? To his credit, Brown donates the pieces to local teachers and artists. So I guess we can expect to soon see a number of installations conveying the malaise of the working class through thousands of porcelain fragments.


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