Kansas Finally Abandons Pesky Middleman Known As ‘Due Process’

futurekansasprosecutorGod, justice has become such a bother, hasn’t it? That whole rigamarole of filing charges, seating a jury, presenting evidence, arguing the merits, convincing a judge on sentencing matters, etc., etc., ad naus. Surely there must be some way to avoid this whole thing, right? (At least without resorting to the kangaroo courts we find in our axis of evil counterparts, eh?) And you just knew that if any state would find a way to make things clean and simple, it would be a state where the chief legal offical has an incredibly cowboyish name like Steve Six. That’s right, Kansas criminals: prosecutors can now just go ahead and shoot you.

The law, which took effect last week, is an exception to a ban on people other than law enforcement carrying concealed guns into court buildings. A 2006 law allows Kansans to obtain concealed carry permits, with some restrictions on where.

The new state law applies to county and federal prosecutors and the attorney general and his staff. Deputy or assistant prosecutors must receive bosses’ permission. Counties, however, are allowed to set their own policies on prosecutors and courthouses.

Can we just say: finally. For too long we have coddled our criminals, getting caught up in the craze of Miranda rights and the writ of habeas corpus. Now, thanks to the gun nuttery infinite wisdom of Kansas legislators, we can just exact justice where justice is due. Bravo, Sunflower State. Bravo. Another step toward progress.



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2 responses to “Kansas Finally Abandons Pesky Middleman Known As ‘Due Process’

  1. Marshall

    I have many friends that are either district attorneys or County Attorneys. These people have to get to the courthouse. Some walk, some ride a bike and others drive. Some of them have been attacked between point “a” and point “b”, the courthouse. An armed guard in the courthouse does not do them any good just outside the courthouse. They have been shot at, attached with a 2 by 4, wounded and killed in the last 25 years.

  2. Ryan

    Attached with a 2 by 4

    That does sound bad.

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