The Unlicensed Needle And The Damage Done

illustrated_manThere are a few services that I trust professionals to handle far better and much more competently than I ever could. Among those:

  • Auto repair. I learned everything I know about cars from my father — which essentially means how to Google “car maintenance” and find a phone number for the nearest garage. He has a saying: “Mechanics and I have an understanding. I won’t work on cars, and they won’t practice law. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.” I fully subscribe to this philosophy.
  • Tax preparation. Sure, I can handle (and have handled) this without assistance. But having someone familiar with the tax code prepare my return is a much better way to ensure I avoid an audit and receive as large a refund as possible. I mean, I could also take a stab at deciphering the Stylo of Hammurabi, but I think an ancient Babylonian linguist would probably produce a more accurate translation.
  • Surgery. Yeah, after the YouTube tutorial incident, I think I’ll stick with the multi-degree’d docs. Good thing kidneys come in pairs.

I will also never pretend that I know anything about how to properly ink a human hide. Neither a familiarity with needles nor draftsmanship skills make one a true tattoo artist.  However, a trio of tattoo aspirants in Leavenworth (how apropos) felt they were up to the task:

Inside “Freaks” on Broadway [sp], where tattooing is a celebrated profession, the biggest buzz isn’t from the needle.  It’s about what detectives in Leavenworth are investigating – an illegal tattoo operation.

Three unlicensed adults allegedly set up shop in their Leavenworth homes and tattooed at least four underage teens.

Granted, entrepreneurship is certainly a laudable practice, but mayhap it would behoove these Skin Seurats to at least go through the motions of getting certified on the Internet or something.

But hey, if the glitterati are practicing amateur inking, then of course mainstream America will soon follow!

Pop star Rihanna is being investigated for tattooing a few friends at her favorite New York City tattoo parlor.

Well, at least it’s a better trend than the tiny-dog-as-accessory phenomenon.


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One response to “The Unlicensed Needle And The Damage Done

  1. Ryan

    Rihanna was aiming to have the top amateur parlor in the nation, but Chris Brown beat her to it.
    /too soon?

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