Backers’ Financial Naivete Mars Plan To Transform KC Into 1940s Movie Set

thefutureofkansascitytrolleysIt has been but a mere month since a local group proposed a new system of trolleys and mini-buses that would shuttle drunkards tourists from city attraction to city attraction. Not a terrible idea, we suppose, though we think there might already be such a system of public transit. In any event, it looks like it may not happen after all — thanks to the somewhat stunning admission by the Westport Regional Business League that it thought the loan from the City Council was… um, a gift?

Last month, the Kansas City Council endorsed a plan to loan the Westport Regional Business League $400,000 to help run the system.

Committee members said they had approved the concept with the understanding that the loan would be paid back over five years. But an attorney for the Westport Business League said the group thought it would have to pay the loan back only as long as it remained in business.

Hmm. You guys do know what a “loan” is, right? And in what ways it differs from something like a “grant” or “early Christmas present”? See, a loan is something that must be repaid — no matter how successful your fanciful dream of trolleys cruising the KC streets. If we still want the city to look like Hill Valley (and I think we all know we do), perhaps a quick financial education course is in order. May we suggest this one?


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