Auto Dealership Finds Innovative Way To Cover Up Gunrunning Operations

toyota_talibanLike finding the right wine to accompany a meal, matching firearms to vehicles is a sure way to enhance the flavor of your ride.  Hmmm….what sort of assault rifle is best paired with a Ford? An auto dealer in Butler, Mo., is happy to serve as your automotive sommelier.

If deep discounts aren’t enough to get you to the car lot, maybe a gun will.

Max Motors in Butler, Mo. is offering a voucher for a free AK-47 with the purchase of each new truck. So far, the dealership owner says the gun offer has been a big success.

For shoppers who don’t want or need an AK-47, they can get a gas voucher instead.

This isn’t the dealer’s first gun promotion. NBC Action News first told you about Max Motors a year ago when they offered free handguns with car sales.

You know it’s a quality business when their web site is festooned with poorly-animated Flash illustrations of gun-totin’ cartoon outlaws and ‘Merican flags.


Their first promotional attempt, “Trucks n’ Books,” was branded as being “for liberal, library-lovin’ pussies,” so of course the next logical step was to give away military-grade weaponry. Next month the dealership will continue their All-American promotion series by giving away Obesity with each van purchase.

Really, Max Motors is going about this all wrong. Everyone knows that if you’re going to pair an AK with a vehicle, that automobile should obviously be a VW van. Just ask THE LIBYANS!!!!




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3 responses to “Auto Dealership Finds Innovative Way To Cover Up Gunrunning Operations

  1. Ryan

    They found me! I don’t know how, but they found me!

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