There Was A Dream That Was The Star’s Comics Section…

gladiator_demiseSo remember that democratic experiment the Star was dabbling in a month or so ago in which the public was invited to participate in comicstripicide vote on which strips should carry on in the paper’s FYI section? Well, silly readers…you didn’t REALLY think editors would take your votes to heart, did you?

As our friend John at Bottom Line Communications noted,the paper was being a bit duplicitous with its readership when editors indicated that public input would guide the stripping of the strips:

To show that it cares and listens to its customers, the Star recently conducted a poll to ask its loyal readers to provide feedback regarding their least-favorite comics.

However, according to a recent article by Readers’ Representative Derek Donovan, the newspaper will now take that reader feedback and….ignore it.

“It (the poll) generated many thousands of responses. However, as I wrote before, the results of a group of volunteer respondents aren’t really valid market research, and choosing the comics is in no way a democratic process,” Donovan noted.

“…When will results of the survey be published? They won’t, as with past surveys. They’re just for editors’ reference, and they aren’t scientific anyway,” he added.

Indeed, how could anyone come to the horribly presumptuous conclusion that just because citizens are invited to cast votes in an election-cum-elimination their wishes would in any way be honored? Absurd!  I mean, just ask this guy:


You just know he’s voting to keep Marmaduke.


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One response to “There Was A Dream That Was The Star’s Comics Section…

  1. Ryan

    Man, that poll got Moussavi’d.
    Too soon?

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