In Which The Kansas City Fringe Festival Dabbles In Some Intellectual Property Theft

thisiswhatweretryingtodototheimprovgroupHey, far be it from us to accuse someone of stealing ideas — god knows enough of the lame jokes we foist upon the city are poor retreads of previously uttered banalities. But as Dino pointed out earlier today in a very special TBC staff email, there appears to be a bit of a coincidence developing in that hipster bacchanalia we call the KC Fringe Festival. To wit:

The Bovine Comedy:

Improv by: Holy Cow!
Showing at: UNICORN THEATRE – 3828 Main
Show times: Tues 8:00, Wed 6:30, Thur 11:00, Fri 6:30, Sat 9:30, Sun 4:00
Admission price: $5

Oh, my. How intriguing. It appears that the name of our little project also graces a local improv roadshow and silliness revue. Well… I suppose we can’t quite be mad about this, but we can at least put this group of roustabouts on notice: no more similarities, please.

But in the spirit of empathy (the political buzzword of July, it seems), here’s the scenario: two groups enter a room. One is a group of four snarky twentysomethings who make jokes behind a veil of anonymity. The other is a group of quick-thinking semi-pros whose best skill is adapting to drunken shouts. And… scene!


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