‘International House Of Prayer’ Brings Crazy End-Times Philosophy, Blatant Copyright Violation To Kansas City

wesawthisguyattheinternationalhouseofprayerGiven that our city is already known as a bastion of tolerance, open-mindedness, and advancement of new theories, what the place really needs is a hefty dose of good ol’ fundamentalism. Wait, what’s that? We’re actually looked upon as Midwestern rubes devoted to social conservatism and farming? Huh. Oh, well: let’s add the crazy fundamentalism anyway. Look no further than the “International House of Prayer,” a kindasorta church type thing in south KC, where believers use the usual tricks of the trade — rock music, allegedly hip youth pastors, and plain old hellfire and damnation — to con Kansas City simpletons into thinking the end is near. From the Star‘s profile:

The digital signal from the International House of Prayer in south Kansas City makes its way via Washington, D.C., to Jerusalem, where it streams live on God TV for broadcast all over the world.

This … never … stops.

Two in the morning, 8 at night, dusk and dawn. Holidays and ice storms. Time doesn’t matter because these young worshippers are more concerned with the “End Times.” The signs are here. The Messiah is near.

So they’ve come here for the last 10 years, by the hundreds — thousands — for what perhaps is Kansas City’s biggest religious phenomenon in a century.

Oh, great. This will help our city achieve its goal of becoming a leader in life sciences. Don’t fear, though. IHOP’s con man zealot in chief, Mike Bickle, seems like a reasonable enough gentl — oh, wait.

Bickle says he’s heard God’s voice. And that he’s been to heaven. Twice….

In a recent post about a prophetic dream about war between Satan and Michael the archangel, Bickle wrote that he saw “large snakes, over 100 feet long and 50 feet thick, each having a huge head that looked like a dragon, and many of them were coming from the sky down to the earth.”
When Jesus returns to make war against his enemies and marches into Jerusalem, Bickle preaches, “untold millions will die in the wake of his righteous, loving judgments.”

That last sentence seems a bit contradictory, no?

So what is this place? Well… this seems simple. It’s ostensibly a headquarters for constant worship, but also a place that happens to offer education at — seriously — IHOP University (!) for the very low price of, um, $4,900. Hmm, what would J.C. think of that? (Speaketh an IHOP exec: “We believe in a God that provides financing.” Nice.) They’re expanding into the reaches of Grandview, and have plans to build some kind of hotel/office tower complex. And a Wal-Mart. Yes, the lord did always love synergistic developments.

More importantly, it’s a place where prayer is always going on. Always. Every hour of every day. People are moving here to live as a part of the IHOP community. The group supports Israel — not as a show of international solidarity, mind you, but because it’s an integral part of the end times plan. The lesson? The malleability of the religious mind never fails to amaze.



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8 responses to “‘International House Of Prayer’ Brings Crazy End-Times Philosophy, Blatant Copyright Violation To Kansas City

  1. Heffer

    IHOP is one crazy cult…

  2. Heffer

    Too bad they make stuff up instead of following the Bible.

  3. Heffer

    Everything in Revelation is about the fall of Jerusalem… being called the “Harlot” and Babylon because the Jews turned against God, murdered the Saints and Jesus. Hence that is why Jesus said the events in Revelation will “soon take place”. What comfort would “end time” events thousands of years later give Christians 2000 years ago that were being persecuted and martyred? Why is revelation “signified” in symbolic language that was known to the Christians at that time and not in symbolic language that would easily be understood today? The rest of the New Testament is easy to understand. Why is 666 numerically equivalent to NERO CAESAR if he was not the beast? Revelations is simply the events about the fall of Jerusalem and the final blow to end Judaism. Amen.

    • Very dumb, Yes…you. So many things wrong with your BS. 1) Jerusalem is not mentioned in revelations,except that the diaspora will end. 2)Romans killed Jesus, retard. You know, Rome – the country that crucified tried and convicted criminals. So, genius, the Jews are God’s chosen people, and while many rejected him, they didn’t kill him…that was Rome (you know…crosses). And many did follow him, like all 12 of his disciples, john the baptist (He was Jewish, and baptized), Paul (the founder of the Christianity), Matthew, Luke, Mark…and thousands more. For the first 400 years of Christianity, it was still part of Judaism, and all of the first 400 years Christians were Jews. All of them, for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until gentiles began converting that it broke of from Judaism, and became a separate religion. Sorry fella, but Jews are God’s main people. And you will see that very soon. Shalom. PS – 666 means evil will go on forever. Any threes, like with basic math, have an assumed running bar over them. It is endless. Learn basic math, and history. With what you just posted, you are choosing hell. If you do not repent of your evil, as the Bible says…those who bless Israel are blessed, those that curse my people Israel are cursed. PERIOD. Remember, if you do not repent of your evil words, you will not be forgiven. It is your choice…heaven or hell. Hate God’s people (Jews), and God hates you.Good Luck

    • Christians were persecuted by Rome, not Jews. And what saints did Jews kill? Wow, you really are Hitler reincarnated. No surprise. Well, I guess you are going to hell. And by choice. I hope it will be worth it, in the end. Also, I’m curious how God would even hypothetically “end Judaism,” since Judaism is half of Christianity. If you destroy Judaism (The Old Testament), then there is no adam and eve, no creation story, no prophet Daniel, no Moses…how the h*ll would that even work? I guess if it were the muslim version of Jesus, otherwise it is not possible (and I don’t think you are muslim). WOW dumb.

  4. Joshua

    Many people other than mike bikcle have ben taken to heaven by god, and hell also who is to say got doesnt do these things. I think you people need to listen to his series on discerning false prophets and cults i think it would change your mind a little bit. Before you go and bash on IHOP, which is a sin on your part, u need to take every single thing he says and waht ihop does and check and see if u can prove it to be wrong in scripture…..ucant

  5. Hondreaend

    Bickle himself says not to take his word for anything he says, and not even believe it, until you have read it for yourself and studied into it. He has said that about every time I’ve heard him speak, because he admits that he could be wrong about something.

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