K-State’s Old Man Football Coach Angry About Audit Report, Cancellation Of Murder, She Wrote

billsnydercomplainsaboutthepriceofbeerThe turmoil in the world of Kansas State Community College University sports continues today, as noted old man Bill Snyder rose from his midmorning nap to declare his anger at just about everybody. Seems the University released the results of its internal audit, and the document reveals that a few gents around campus received “undocumented” payments — or what you and I call “slush fund payouts.”

Snyder told The Associated Press during the Big 12 media days Wednesday that he never received “a penny more” than he was owed in his contract, and that he even took less than he was due.

The Kansas State audit disclosed questionable financial dealings, including 13 undocumented payments totaling $845,000 to Snyder, former athletic director Tim Weiser and former vice president and athletic director Bob Krause.

Well, sure he took less than he was due. I mean, that’s what people were taught to do back in the 1910s. We should probably give him a break, though, since he’s still puzzled by the absence of old-timey leather football helmets. And he just can’t get in touch with his pal Jim Thorpe!


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