Poor, Sad Wyandotte County Can’t Even Host Own Fair

thewyandottecountyfairboardPity the Dot. The metro area’s most notoriously crime-ridden and poverty-stricken (and all sorts of other compound adjectives you never want to attract) geographic entity has suffered a further indignity. It’s fair season, of course: the time when people of all stripes get together to celebrate meat on a stick and the execrable smell of livestock. But if you’re looking to do any fair-ing in Wyandotte County — and may we add that we don’t appreciate the WYCO initialization? Why are you yelling at us? — you might just be out of luck. You’ll have to head over to the ‘worth:

KMBC’s Bev Chapman reported that the former fairgrounds were sold to a water park two years ago. The Woodlands closed this year, so the county could not go there.

When Leavenworth County offered their facility, Wyandotte Fair officials accepted.

Alas and alack, you just can’t bring them back. How sad is this? The first two options for the fair are now a) an overwrought water park with a name that sounds like a sausage brand, and b) a defunct dog-racing park. This is the stuff Jeff Foxworthy jokes are made of, Wyandottians. If only you’d gotten that money from Buffett and his henchmen, eh? It’d be fair city around here!


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