Independence Churches Fulfill Vision Of Jesus By Warring Over Trash Bag-Covered Logo

whatyouusetocoverreligioussymbolsiguessAnd lo, the lord looked out at what he had created and opted to cover it with a Glad product! That seems to be the case over in Methdependence, anyway, where the highest aims of Christianity are on proud display. Since we’ve already taken care of eradicating war, famine, disease, and hatred… why not go to the mattresses over a silly little logo? It’s genius!

To the approximately 30 baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ, Devon Park Restoration Branch, the seal is considered a sacred symbol, representing their faith and traditions in the old Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

To a federal court judge, however, it is a trademark owned by a much bigger church.

U.S. District Judge Gary Fenner in the spring granted a preliminary injunction to the Community of Christ, headquartered in Independence, which in 2001 changed its name from the RLDS. The ruling prohibits the Devon Park Restoration Branch from using the lion and lamb symbol, as well as the RLDS name.

Et cetera in this regard. What we’re basically left with is this: two churches, one with an odd name (the Church of Jesus Christ? What the hell is that about?), arguing over who gets to keep a picture of a child standing with a lion and a lamb. How about, um, just designing a new one? I think we can be reasonably certain that this does not quite top the priority list of the man upstairs.

Kudos, Independence. Still the epicenter of religious controversy, even after all these years.


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