Love The Lord? Hate The Gays? Host Your Conference In Kansas City And Get Public Money!

thatisoneangryjewishcarpenterIt’s a rough time to be a city official, particularly in a city suffering from mammoth budget problems. So how to dispense the much-demanded funds In This Economy? For roads? For municipal upkeep? For transportation costs? Pshaw! Send that money over to the religious fringe! At least that seems to be the plan of the Kansas City(-squared) Council, which saw fit to direct a 5-large grant from the “Neighborhood Tourism Development Board” — a typical bureaucratically cumbersome name — to a conference hosted by Bishop Mark Tolbert (and hey, check out his MySpace page) and Victorious Life Church.

The council voted 8-3 in favor of the grant, with supporters saying the conference drew thousands to Kansas City and provided a positive promotion for healthy lifestyles and economic development.

Council members Beth Gottstein, Jan Marcason and Bill Skaggs said they didn’t think it was an appropriate use of tourism dollars.

Council members expressed concerns several weeks ago about the proposed grant because a scheduled preacher at the event had in the past condemned homosexuals.

At issue was a speaker to be featured at the conference, one “Prophet Todd Hall.” So… prophet is a formal title now? Why the brouhaha? Well, just take a look at what PTH has to say about The Gays.

Classy. Yes, yes, the Bible condemns homosexuality. Let’s see, though… what does it say is okay? Oh, that’s right: slavery. Might be time to rethink the literal interpretation of that fanciful storybook, no?


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