Shall Bare Feet Once Again Tread Upon The Floors Of City Hall?

Ursula_SquitiroIf it’s a Friday in Kansas City, there must be news regarding mayor-related litigation, right? Well, here’s your weekly dose:

Funkhouser wins lawsuit against ordinance barring wife from his office

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser has won his lawsuit against a city ordinance that prohibited his wife from volunteering at City Hall.

Jackson County Judge Justine Del Muro has ruled in favor of Funkhouser, who had argued that a city ordinance prohibiting his wife and daughter, Gloria and Tara Squitiro, from volunteering in his office was unconstitutional.

“It is no secret that the passage of the city’s volunteer ordinance was specifically aimed at these plaintiffs,” Del Muro wrote. “Here, plaintiffs Gloria Squitiro have a personal stake as their conduct may result in action taken against plaintiff Funkhouser that could result in imprisonment for him.”

Well, now. Obviously this opens a floodgate of potential drama and entertainment for the city. More to come, natch.


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