@Worthlessness: Star Somehow Deems It Wise To Live-Tweet Chiefs Practice

weimaginekentbabblookssomethinglikethisFrom the annals of ridiculous ideas: the Star‘s sports staff — taking a rare break from focusing on female posteriors — thought it would be just an incredibly useful and hip idea to send the wonderfully named Kent Babb to River Falls, where he would dabble in Web 2.0’s most unbelievably self-indulgent medium. Yes, your dreams have been realized: you can now follow along with every sidestep and water break of overpaid, over-steroid’d muscular men. Hooray? Be prepared to receive only the most crucial pieces of information, such as this helpf — oh, wait.

Some wiseguy pulled the fire alarm at my hotel in Hudson at 5:50 a.m. Chiefs fans, media and an enormous wedding party scatter!4:02 AM Aug 1st from web

This after the same hotel ran out of bananas yesterday. I mean, come on.4:04 AM Aug 1st from web

Come on indeed. What other gems does K-Babb offer us?

Make no mistake: I love my fellow reporters. But the fellow inhaling his sub to the point of labored breathing is a little much for me.11:40 AM Aug 1st from web

Tank Tyler looked like a natural holding my tape recorder while Zach Thomas was being interviewed. Should I thank him with a card or gift?5:47 PM Aug 1st from web

@ChiefsPR: OK, I’m about to come get a Diet Coke. I’ll be hurt beyond repair if I don’t get a Twitter mention.9:17 AM Aug 2nd from web

The Oscar-Meyer Wienermobile was at Chiefs practice today. @MitchHolthus seemed bizarrely mesmerized.24 minutes ago from web

@patchchord: Unfortunately for Dorsey, the Chiefs and children everywhere, the Wienermobile and its contents were parked dangerously close.15 minutes ago from web

Wow. Look, we understand the desire to keep up with What The Kids Are Doing, but… seriously? While other sports outlets are sinking resources into providing ever deeper coverage, even targeted at a micro-local level, the Star has opted to send a reporter (at no small cost, we imagine) to “tweet” (and has there ever been a more repulsively popular verb?) about the small beer activities of summer practice. Yes, because knowing the location of the Wienermobile will definitely help me assemble a fine fantasy team and allow me to know the ins and outs of the upcoming NFL season. Bravo, Star.


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