Supafly Investigation Of Jacked Up Jazzy Jeff Incident Concludes Nothing, In Typical Poseur Fashion

thisistheguywhogotkickedoutofpandlhuhHey, remember when self-proclaimed hip-hop icon DJ Jazzy Jeff was kinda sorta kicked offstage in the Power & Light District? It had all the makings of a semi-important racial incident in the already racially troubled P&L — even attracting the attention of buttocks expert Jason Whitlock. Well, the city saw fit to let loose the dogs of bureaucracy to get to the bottom of the whole thing, and after a few months, the Kansas City Human Relations Department has issued its conclusive report. The findings? Um…

A city investigation could not determine the truth behind why a concert by hip-hop icon DJ Jazzy Jeff ended early in Kansas City.

The Kansas City Human Relations department recently investigated two different versions of what happened on June 6 during a Jazzy Jeff concert at Kansas City’s Power and Light District…

Civil rights manager Mickey Dean said he wasn’t able to determine which of the two sides was telling the truth.

Now, to our knowledge the work of such a board should not be stopped by such a quandary. To get around such problems, one usually interviews witnesses, goes to the tape, and explores other methods of investigation. What one does not do is call it quits by saying “Hey, we don’t know either!” All that does is further weaken trust in a city government quickly fading in relevance.


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