Don’t Get Swindled On Craigslist, Says Woman Who Totally Got Swindled On Craigslist

maybethisiswhattheswindlerslookedlikeSigh. How many times must we see these kinds of stories? If you know anything at all about the interwebs, you know NOT TO FALL FOR CHECK SCAMS. Sadly, the message did not reach a Kansas City woman, who tried to sell some furniture on the List of Craig and — somehow, some way — fell for an age-old scam.

The woman recently used Craiglist to sell some furniture. She said she’d been trading e-mails with a potential buyer who wanted her name, address and phone number in order to send her a check for the furniture.

The woman said it was an odd request, and even though it was against her instinct, she gave her personal information.”It’s just so hard, because you want to be so trusting,” the woman told KMBC’s Martin Augustine.That trust nearly swindled her.

The woman said the price for the table was $350. The buyer said his secretary would send a check.But instead of $350, the check that arrived was for $3,500.

When the woman called the buyer to ask what was going on, the buyer said it was a mistake and that she should go ahead and cash the check, keep the $350, plus an extra $100 for her trouble, and send back the rest.

However, the check was fraudulent, and by the time the bank figured it out, the scam artist would have stolen $3,050 from the woman. And the victim would owe that money to the bank.

Oops! A check for $3,500! Silly me. Sure, kind stranger, just go ahead and cash that and I’ll just trust you to send the rest to me, also a stranger. No, this doesn’t raise any red flags at all. Totally on the level.

Forgive us for not offering our sympathies, Unnamed Local Woman. And while we appreciate your attempts to warn the rest of us, we’re afraid we just don’t really need it — any more than we need that friendly Nigerian prince’s hidden inheritance.


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