@Hilarity: OMG! No Tweets Drng Prctice? WTF, Chiefs?

sportsreportersatchiefspracticeIf your idea of getting essential sports news is poring through the latest worthless, self-indulgent updates from pale white men who never became professional athletes, then this is a bad day for you. The Chiefs have Avada Kedavra’d the emerging use of what The Kids are calling Twitter, saying the team’s beat reporters cannot use the unbelievably self-aggrandizing medium (“You’re also watching Conan? Squee!”) while at practice in River Falls. This comes despite a “league memo” that teams should actually encourage the use of Twitter. The flap comes on the heels of MN QB Tarvaris Jackson’s little adventure this week.

Several NFL teams, including the Chiefs, are making sure reporters stay off Twitter during training camp. At least seven teams prevent reporters from tweeting during practices.

Driving the clampdown is fear that privileged information will get leaked. Some NFL teams have even banned their players from using Twitter.

Well, okay. But how does this affect the crucial reporting of the Star‘s Kent Babb, who has provided KC readers with simply essential information from training camp? This of course includes must-read breaking news, such as:

kb_kcstar: @photogwingsfan: If I ever see a real Centaur, I’m finishing my drink and walking in the opposite direction.

Sigh. Way to prove them wrong, Babb.


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