Kansas City Makes Triumphant Return To 1930s

kcsnewtrolleysystemBreak out the fedoras and smuggled gin: the old decades are back again. The City Council voted to approve $250,000 in start-up money for the highly questionable trolley plan — which plan will mostly involve shuttling local drunkards from meat market to meat market. Now, the plan had been in doubt because, if you’ll recall, the plan’s backers weren’t quite educated in the whole “loan” process. But now the trolleys are ready to run, and the owner of the best name of all time is here to share the news.

“The No. 1 complaint was the lack of interconnectivity between entertainment venues so this is actually going to fill the need KC has,” said Westport business owner Bill Nigro. “We’re behind the times with other cities. A lot of other cities have these entertainment attractions.

“The trolley would run from City Market through the Power and Light District, the 18th and Vine area, Martini Corner at 31st Street and Gillham Road, then Westport, the Country Club Plaza, Brookside and finally Waldo.

So for $15, you can pack up a whole entertainment kit for the evening. Start with your striped Express shirt for P&L, make a quick change on the trolley and put on a skinny tie for Martini Corner (while skipping 18th and Vine, because everyone else does), slip on some skinny jeans and an ironic t-shirt for Westport, and then break out the old community softball league jersey for Waldo. It’s perfect!


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