KC Man Uses Judge Cartoon To Deploy Thinly Veiled Insinuations, Incorrect Quotation Marks

hereswhattomisinsinuatingDon’t you just hate it when those self-righteous editorial cartoonists use their position in the durn liberal media to excoriate real ‘mericans? Yeah, us too. Apparently Star pseudo-employee Lee Judge recently kinda sorta (but probably not really) implied that all Republicans are racists because of, er, Gates-gate. And there’s one man who’s not happy about this: Tom Karczewski of KCMO, and he’s taking to the Star‘s Unfettered Letters blog to let his thoughts be heard. Oh, and he’s bringing The Gay stereotypes.

Will someone, anyone, please tell Lee Judge that we “get it” already when it comes to his utter disdain and contempt for Republicans and conservatives? His cartoon of 8/2, depicting two Republicans easing their “racial anxieties” with two gargantuan beers, is in poor taste. It suggests that all Republicans are racists, and any reasonable person knows that’s not true.

I wonder what Judge drinks when he bellies up to the bar with his Democratic and liberal friends to discuss race or other issues of the day. I’m guessing pink Chablis or perhaps a really nice white Zin. He may even get a little crazy and order a cosmopolitan, or go way overboard by slamming back a Jager. For all I know, Judge may drink Jameson shooters, but I don’t know that. Just as he has no way of knowing that all Republicans are racists.

Yeah, Lee! We “get it” already! Besides, you’re probably just some pink Chablis-swilling, Volvo-driving friend of Dorothy! So what if Tom knows nothing about your drinking habits? He’s a real American, dammit!


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