435 South Publisher’s Blog Just As Shallow And Vapid As You’d Imagine

435southstaffmaybe435 South is the only defining magazine of South Johnson County. As such, it is in a prime position to provide you with the most current and useful information for your explorations of Leawood and the nicer parts of OP. As we’ve pointed out before, this mostly translates to shameless shilling for any and every product willing to provide the writers with a sample. Luckily, publisher Kathy Boos is here to save the day for all SoJoCo intellectuals. The magazine’s site hosts — by which I mean “lists a Blogspot link” — her personal blog, Diary of a Magazine Publisher. And it is just chock full o’ the Mensa-worthy explorations you’ve been craving.

My expensive black skinny jeans are on now on their 10th wearing and going strong. I have found an item at the local Tide Dry Cleaners that I love, love, love. It is a fabric freshener that you spray on garments to revitalize them. Even so, I am approaching the dreaded first washing…but I have to say, that if they don’t weather it well, I’ll have enjoyed them for about $20 per wear.

Glorious. What other fragments of the local intelligentsia can we find?

I’ve had the Inside Our burger twice in one week. Its just not like me to be that repetitive, and not like me to jump on just any band wagon that rolls into the bubble, but this is one addictive love affair I’ll not soon get over–and I confess, I don’t want to. Cholesterol be damned, I’m hooked.

Even though I harbor a kind of bizarre love for Johnson County (love those wide open streets and chain eateries!), this is a little much. Just when I think some of us are making progress in remaking the intellectual landscape of the mocha-siding-saturated repository of Lexus SUVs, something like this happens. Bad writing be damned, I’m hooked.


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