Star Reader Bums Everyone Out With Grumpy, Xenophobic Letter

johnreillyfrombluespringsmoIt’s fair to say the Cash for Clunkers program has attracted its share of political enemies. Government waste blah blah, etc. — though we notice those people never seem to have much of a problem with spending billions on two unwinnable wars. Anyway. The most Walter Matthauian response to the C4C program has to be this letter from Blue Springs resident John Reilly, who might just think we’re still in the height of the Cold War.

Cash for Clunkers — what a joke. This program was designed to stimulate the U.S. economy. Billions of dollars, borrowed from countries like communist China, go toward the purchase of new vehicles.

The problem is that the policy includes the purchase of foreign vehicles. So far, more than half the Cash for Clunkers purchases have been foreign cars. So essentially the borrowed money, with interest being paid by you and me, is going straight back overseas, increasing the national debt of the U.S. while stimulating the economies of China, Korea and Japan.

To me this only proves that the majority of our elected officials really are as “intelligent” as those who elected them. See you in the soup line, America.

Yeah, what a joke! Imagine trying to get polluting cars off the road by offering a perfectly sensible incentive! And don’t you know this whole thing is funded by those pinkos in Shanghai? And never you mind that China’s version of capitalism has been exceeding ours for a decade, or that these foreign cars factories employ tens of thousands of American employees throughout the south — you’re selling your soul, ‘merica! See you in the soup line, losers. Then we’ll see who’s “intelligent” and who “doesn’t know how to use quotation marks.”


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