Stuck Inside Of KC With The Funky Blues Again: Mayor Senses Vulnerability, Promises Action

sarumanWell, we’ve seen this before. With a substantial amount of time in his administration already passed, professional litigant and occasional mayor Mark Funkhouser has realized that it’s probably time to get to work. Is it civic altruism driving this need to move past all his legal troubles? Perhaps a yearning need to effect change in one of the Midwest’s once-great/now-dying post-industrial cities? Nah — he just knows he’s on the hot seat. And he seems to still not understand the concept of moving on, despite his professed wishes to do just that.

Funkhouser told The Star he had made mistakes but believes voters still share his vision — all but committing to running for a second term.

“You always wish you’d been smarter sooner,” he said. “To me the voters are going to say, ‘Is he focused on the things that matter to me?’ ”

Hmm. So you always wish you’d been smarter sooner. Is this coming from the same man who has repeatedly refused to let the volunteer issue die? The man who is still trying to keep his wife in her bizarre role as pseudo-employee? If he really wanted to be smarter sooner, wouldn’t he have let the issue die — fully grasping its draining effects on his administration — more than a year ago? Such a stunning lack of perspicacity does not make one inclined to support a second term.


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