Liberty Man’s Momentous School Bus Award Virtually Ignored By Shameless Media

yellowdeathtrapunlessmrstegallisdrivingSigh. Oh sure, the local media has plenty of time to report on pedestrian stuff like a silly football team, or the mayor’s continued foibles and troubles. But when it comes to really important news, where do the camera-craving personalities go? Case in point: a Liberty man won the top prize at the 39th Annual International School Bus Driver Safety Competition. Top prize! But where is the media? Okay, so KCTV covered it, and I caught a snippet on KMBC yesterday. But check this out: the official standings of the NSTA — that’s the National School Transportation Association — list the man’s name as “Danny Mack Stegall.” (Truly an awesome name — sounds like he should be opening for Hank Williams in Birmingham.) But KCTV lists his name as Larry Stegall. Who is right? Is it possible that the media not only overlooked this tremendous honor but also got the name wrong? Damn you, elites!


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