Star‘s Unfettered Letters Blog Continues To Suffer Plague Of Grumpiness

unfetteredletterscontributorMan, what’s going on with The Olds of Kansas City? Suddenly everyone over 60 has some curmudgeonly complaint about everything under the sun. Just yesterday we heard from a Springs resident about the Cash for Clunkers program, and now Chris Anderson of some place called “Basehor” — which we’re pretty sure is a section of Valhalla — has some words of dismay about, uh, his mail? Cue the Debbie Downer noise:

I read The Star’s story “Direct mailers make seniors a special target” (8/9, A1). I am a senior, 68 years old, and I do not need some do-gooder telling me what mail I should receive. Leave me alone and let me decide what to read, hear and see. Quit trying to protect me from everything out there.

I wonder if the daughters and sons who take over Pop’s checkbook are protecting a victim — or their inheritance.

Allow us to make our own mistakes and live with them, as most other people get to do.

Leave Chris alone, nanny state and its liberal media enablers! What’s next? You’ll be telling him he can collect some government-funded retirement program? Or that he can take advantage of a public health plan for elderly folks?

Oh, right.


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